Busting Myths about Dental Implants: Affordable Dental Implants in Mesa AZ

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Busting Myths about Dental Implants: Affordable Dental Implants in Mesa AZ

If you have lost one or multiple teeth, you will find you have several options to choose from when it comes to tooth replacement. Although most of these choices are functional, none is as effective as dental implants are. Nonetheless, there are various misconceptions that people have about dental implants, mainly because they have never come across them before. Read on to learn about some of the myths surrounding dental implants and find out what is true about this form of tooth restoration.

Myth 1: People with metal allergies cannot get this treatment

Granted, having a metal allergy would affect the type of dental implant that you can get. However, this does not mean that having a metal allergy translates into not being eligible to get an implant. Most dental implants are made from titanium, as it is one of the least reactive metals. In the event you have a titanium allergy, you could have your implanted constructed using a different metal, such as zirconium. Therefore, it is always best to consult with your dentist to determine what would be best for your needs.

Myth 2: Dental implants are a new form of technology

Although dental implants may seem like a fairly new advancement in the dental industry, the reality is the concept has been around for centuries. Most people assume that this type of treatment is modern, as they have simply never heard of it before. The truth is, dental implants can be traced as far back as a couple of thousands of years ago as archeologists have made discoveries of similar tooth replacement treatments in artifacts. Although these artifacts were not as sophisticated, they did exhibit the core concept of having an ivory tooth like structure attached to an iron screw.

Myth 3: Dental implants are for everybody

Contrary to popular belief, not anybody can have dental implants as their choice tooth replacement treatment. To secure the dental implant, a metallic screw is inserted into your jawbone. Once this is done, a prosthetic tooth is then attached to the metal pin. Therefore, for you to be eligible for dental implants, you would need to have a strong jawbone. It is also essential to have healthy gums that would be able to heal around the prosthetic. People who are experiencing bone loss or are suffering from advanced gum disease may not be good candidates for dental implants and would have to consider other tooth replacement alternatives.

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Busting Myths about Dental Implants: Affordable Dental Implants in Mesa AZ

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