How to Prevent Cavities

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How to Prevent Cavities

A cavity is a decayed part of a tooth. It’s a hole that can become deeper and bigger if it’s left untreated. Cavities are very common, and millions of people experience a cavity each year in the U.S. Bacteria and acid can cause cavities. Read on to learn about how you can prevent them.

Oral Hygiene

Having good oral hygiene can reduce your chances of getting cavities. You should brush your teeth after every meal you eat. If you can’t brush your teeth after every meal, brush your teeth twice a day. Be sure to brush your teeth for two minutes each time. Brushing your teeth too much can damage your enamel and increase your chances of getting cavities, so don’t brush your teeth more than three times a day.


It’s important to floss your teeth daily to remove bacteria that may be stuck between your teeth.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush

It’s important to use the right toothpaste and toothbrush. You should be using an electric or sonic toothbrush and brushing your teeth with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Be sure to change your toothbrush head every three months.

Use Mouthwash

After you brush and floss your teeth, use a mouthwash that contains fluoride and a low percentage of chlorhexidine. Swish the mouthwash around for 10 to 15 seconds before spitting it out. Avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol, and make sure that it’s approved by the American Dental Association.

Eat Wisely

Before you eat, think about what you’re eating and if it’s healthy for your teeth. You should try to limit the amount of candy and junk food you consume. Sugar attracts bacteria and causes cavities.


It’s important to get an oral exam twice a year. During the oral exam, our Mesa, AZ dentist will be able to detect if you have oral cancer, plaque, tartar, cavities or gum disease. It’s important that the issues, if you have any, get fixed quickly or you may have permanent damage.

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How to Prevent Cavities

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