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We accept most dental insurance plans!
We accept most dental insurance plans!
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    CEREC® Dentistry, Same Day Crowns, Mesa AZ

    Mesa Dental crowns are made to help protect damaged teeth. Crowns are indicated when teeth have excessive decay, cracked or broken teeth. For years dental crowns were made by making uncomfortable impressions of the teeth. These impressions are sent to the dental lab and a temporary crown is fabricated and placed on your tooth while the crowns are made. These temporary crowns can cause your teeth to be sensitive and uncomfortable for the 2 weeks you wait for your crown to be made. These temporary crowns also can come off and break. At Mesa Dental Dr Chase Davis has the newest technology where we can fabricate your crown without the goop and temporaries.

    Mesa Dental offers CEREC, same day crowns which is a one-visit, chair side restoration. These ceramic crowns are made and implemented in a single dental appointment! CEREC is fast, safe and offers a natural looking dental restoration that will last for many years to come.

    • CEREC® Dentistry

      For many of you this is a familiar scene, after the tooth is prepared the, the traditional method involves taking an impression of the tooth and shipping it to the lab. At the lab, they make the mold and fabricate your crown.

    • CEREC® Dentistry

      This small camera is used with the Cerec Technology that replaces the goop. This technique really helps those with gag reflexes or for those that have had bad experiences with temporaries.

    • CEREC® Dentistry

      This is a sample of what this technology can provide. In one visit we can help you save time and money by only needing one appointment. The crowns and onlays are made out of porcelain and are very strong. They are highly aesthetic and many never even know which tooth we worked on. These restorations are also very long lasting, which helps you avoid the dental chair.

    • CEREC® Dentistry

      Cerec is made up by two machines as seen on the right. There is the acquisition unit which takes the image and designs the tooth. The other is the milling unit, which fabricates the crown. At Mesa Dental we really do try to make it easy to smile. I hope you can give us a try. If you think or have been told you need a crown please call us today at 480-396-9900.

    Top Rated Dentist Mesa AZ 85206
    Top Rated Dentist Mesa AZ 85206
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    At Mesa Dental we are happy to be a preferred provider for Delta Dental. We have a long and great relationship with Delta Dental. As a preferred provider we make the insurance process easy to understand.
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