5 Questions and Answers About Dental Bonding in Mesa AZ

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5 Questions and Answers About Dental Bonding in Mesa AZ

While dental bonding is a commonly used service by dentists in Mesa, it’s not generally as well-known as root canals, cleanings, or cavity fills. Bonding itself is actually quite simple. During this procedure, a dentist applies a composite resin to an area of the tooth that has been discolored, fractured, or even chipped. This helps create an overall more natural smile without the need to cover all of the teeth with veneers. Some common questions and answers about dental bonding in Mesa can be found below.

1. Will You Be Able to See the Bonding Material?

A: No. The composite resin will be the same color as your teeth so it will mix in with your natural tooth to become undetectable.

2. How Long Will The Procedure Take?

A: Bonding is a unique procedure because it uses a material that bonds to the tooth right away. Since a custom mold isn’t required, as it would be with veneers, this procedure can be done in a single visit. In general, the total amount of time required is around an hour. This helps you cover up any imperfections as quickly as possible.

3. What Can Bonding be Used for?

A: The beauty of dental bonding is that it has a wide variety of applications. This includes chips in the teeth as well as broken teeth or those that have become discolored. However, the applications don’t stop there. Bonding can also be used in-between teeth to close gaps or uneven spaces. It can also help improve the shape and color of teeth to improve the overall look of a smile.

4. Will I Need Anesthesia?

A: Most patients do not require anesthesia in order to have bonding done to their teeth. However, it may be necessary for patients who are having a decayed tooth filled in. Each situation varies, so the dentist will choose what’s best for the patient once they have analyzed their dental health.

5. Will I Feel It?

A: After a dentist applies the composite resin to your teeth, they will mold it before a light is used to harden the material. The next step will be for the dentist to smooth and polish the bonding material so that it feels natural inside of your mouth.

If you’re thinking about dental bonding for your own teeth, then we welcome you to visit¬†Mesa Dental. Call us to schedule an appointment so we can help keep you confident with your smile!

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5 Questions and Answers About Dental Bonding in Mesa AZ

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