How Dental Laser Treatment Can Help You

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How Dental Laser Treatment Can Help You

Laser dental treatments can cover a wide variety of tooth care needs. While they may seem far-fetched or untested, rest assured that dental care experts have been using them for years with great success. The key is in the ability of your dentist to fine tune and control the precise power outputs of the laser necessary for each type of treatment in question. Laser treatment is useful in that it allows extreme focus on a particular area of the gum or tooth structure without the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

For more in-depth dental procedures, consider opting for laser treatment to avoid the need for stitches. Sometimes dental work that requires cutting and would then be sewn up with stitching can make use of a laser for the cutting process instead, possibly eliminating the need for stitching up post-treatment.

Because of the high intensity focus of the beam, harmful bacteria can be instantly eradicated from the tooth or gum surface, further minimizing the risk of infection.
That intense focus further benefits the patient as surrounding tissue damage is kept to a minimum, and any wounds incurred by the procedure will typically heal quicker than those done by a more traditional method that does not incorporate a laser treatment.

Many patients are also concerned about troublesome bleeding from the gums after more invasive procedures. The laser can help with this too, as the focus of the beam aids in the body’s natural clotting processes during the procedure itself.

In addition, dental experts differentiate between hard- and soft-tissue lasers, depending on the needs of the patient. A hard-tissue laser is most useful for cutting into the tooth structure with the greatest amount of precision. We would most likely use this type of laser to prepare or shape a tooth in need of bonding later, or to repair fillings that have worn down over time. The soft tissue laser comes in handy for things like periodontal treatment. This is because their wavelength is highly effective at killing the bacteria that live on the surface and contribute to the condition. As an added bonus, the soft tissue laser typically helps wounds to heal faster, and many patients say that they experience no post-op pain thanks to a laser.

Whether you need tooth repair, treatment of adverse teeth conditions or simply want some pain-free cosmetic work done, consult with us to see how laser treatment can benefit you.

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How Dental Laser Treatment Can Help You

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