What Is Dental Laser Treatment in Mesa AZ?

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What Is Dental Laser Treatment in Mesa AZ?

Dental Laser Treatment in Mesa AZ

When you think of lasers, you most likely think of special technology used in manufacturing or in other major enterprises. However, with a great deal of changes and research, lasers are now frequently used in several areas of medicine. Not only can they be used for some surgeries as well as for some cosmetic treatments, but also lasers can be used in dentistry and have received the approval of the FDA, giving you assurance that they are safe and quite effective.

However, you may be wondering when a dental laser treatment would be used and why you would want to choose it over a traditional treatment. While lasers cannot be used for all traditional dental treatments, they are multi-functional. For example, they are wonderful for use on teeth that are showing decay. Rather than having to drill out the tooth, the dentist can instead choose to remove the decay with a laser. In addition, your dentist may use a laser to treat gum disease by removing bacteria from beneath the gums and reshaping the gums. Lasers come in quite handy during root canal treatments because they can reach far into the tooth. Finally, lasers provide excellent tools for taking oral biopsies or for removing dangerous or concerning lesions from the mouth.

Perhaps the use of dental lasers that is most familiar to you is their use for tooth whitening treatments. These in-office treatments are far more powerful than their over-the-counter counterparts are. Plus, once the in-office bleaching solution covers the teeth, it can be further activated with a laser to hasten and improve the results of the process.

While a laser may not be indicated for every dental treatment, it does offer several distinct benefits when used occasionally. A laser is very precise and can make clean cuts without much bleeding. Therefore, bleeding, swelling and pain can be minimized with this treatment. In addition, quiet laser treatments for cavities are often far preferable to traditional drilling for many patients, and you may have less anxiety with this treatment. Because this is such a precise treatment, you can expect to save more of your own tooth structure during treatments for cavities.

At Mesa Dental, we believe in using the most cutting-edge treatments that have proven to be safe and effective, and we believe that dental laser treatments in Mesa AZ are often great options for many of our patients.

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What Is Dental Laser Treatment in Mesa AZ?

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