How Effective and Safe are Denture Adhesives

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How Effective and Safe are Denture Adhesives

The main purpose of denture adhesives is to ensure the stability of the denture while in use, such as speaking and chewing. However, some of the fixatives contain harmful agents that may result in chronic health issues.

Denture Adhesives with Zinc

One of the most popular ingredients used in fabrication of the adhesives is zinc. Overuse of the fixative typically occurs when the patient is trying to stabilize an ill-fitting appliance. Excess zinc hinders the absorption of copper in the body and causes mineral imbalance. When used continuously for long periods of time, zinc may lead to neurological disorders and copper deficiency. Patients are advised to schedule occasional appointment to monitor and adjust the dentures as necessary and evaluate the use of dental adhesives. In some cases, sore spots may occur, especially if the denture is new, and the oral tissues are still healing.

How Implants Can Help Denture Wearers

The most effective methods of resolving the issue is a strategic placement of implants that will ensure the stability of the denture and alleviate the possibility of accidental fall out and embarrassment. This technique is especially helpful for patients with lower dentures as the lower alveolar ridge is typically narrow, and it cannot provide an accurate firmness without the help of implants.

How to Receive Implant-Retained Dentures

The process always begins with a comprehensive evaluation and a set of X-rays. The dentist presents various methods of treatment that may apply to the unique needs of each patient. The treatment plan is created with the patient’s approval. Although implant placement process is somewhat longer, it is well worth the final results as it significantly adds to the patient’s confidence and their ability to interact socially.

Not everyone is a good candidate for the treatment with implants, but most recipients experience excellent results with only minor adjustments that are necessary to address as soon as they occur. Implant-secured dentures are significantly more stable and durable and can be maintained for many years,

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How Effective and Safe are Denture Adhesives

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