Everything You Need to Know About Getting Dentures in Mesa, AZ

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Dentures in Mesa, AZ

If you have extensive tooth decay or an injury to your mouth, then in some cases, you will lose all of the teeth on the bottom or top of your mouth. When you don’t have enough alveolar bone in your gum tissue, having dental implants inserted is often impossible. However, a dentist in Mesa, Ariz., can create attractive dentures.

Dentures Are Made Quickly 

Today, it is easier for a dentist to make dentures faster because she can use computer software to design the items. In addition, your dentist will collect molds of your mouth to make the prosthetic devices. In most cases, dentures are made with plastic resin supports that fit over your gum’s ridges.

Dentures Have Beautiful Dental Crowns 

The denture made for the top of your mouth will have a plastic support that will cover the palate of your mouth while a bottom denture has a support that fits along the ridge of the gums. The teeth of your dentures are dental crowns that are made of materials that have a natural color. If you are getting only a top or bottom denture, then your dentist will match the color of the crowns to your natural teeth.

How Dentures Will Look Inside Your Mouth 

If all of your teeth are missing, then you dentist will select a tooth color that looks appropriate next to your skin tone. To ensure that your teeth look natural, it is possible that the dental crowns will have an off-white appearance rather than a bright white coloration. Dental crowns are made to make it easier for you to chew food and talk along with creating a beautiful smile.

You Must Adjust To Wearing Dentures 

There is an adjustment time for wearing dentures, and the first few days are the most difficult. Your salivary glands will produce excess saliva because your brain perceives the dentures as food. You may also develop mouth sores from the dentures, but a dentist can make adjustments to the supports to eliminate this problem.

The Fit Of Dentures Can Change 

Dentures can last a long time with the right care, but the fit of the supports can change, requiring new adjustments. The shape and size of your gum tissue can change, but with a visit to your dentist, you can have the dentures repaired so that the devices fit correctly again.

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Dentures in Mesa, AZ

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