The Importance of Emergency Dentistry in Mesa AZ

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The Importance of Emergency Dentistry in Mesa AZ

Emergency dentistry is carried out when there is a problem with the teeth that is of high importance. Therefore, the problem needs to be solved immediately and cannot wait for a dentist to open their office.

Importance of emergency dental care:
• Emergency dentistry helps in the preservation of teeth
• Reduction of infections
• Alleviation of severe pain

Types of dental emergency:
Gum and pulpal abscesses 

This has to do with infection of the nerve of the tooth in which case there is a collection of pus due to the infection
• Swollen and, or bleeding gums that won’t stop
• Bacterial, fungal or viral infections
• Tooth fractures or broken teeth
• An injured jaw

This can come about from a hard hit, an accident or a sports injury.

First responses to the emergency
There are action steps that can be taken to alleviate the severity of the emergency. This is especially helpful when the dentist is out of reach, or you are not in a position to get the emergency care you need. They include:

• Try not to swallow the damaged tooth. If the tooth falls out, dentists advise that you can put it in a glass of milk for preservation.
• Try to minimize contact with the affected area.
• Bite down on a wet gauze
• Apply a cold cloth or an ice pack to reduce any bleeding
• Create a solution of warm water and salt. Gurgle to prevent infections and to reduce bleeding. Diluted hydrogen peroxide can also serve the same purpose.

How to prevent dental emergencies from occurring again:
• Practice good dental hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.
• Don’t ignore your dental problems. If a tooth becomes loose or if a filling becomes loose, seek professional help as soon as possible.
• Be kind to your teeth. Avoid actions like opening beer or soda bottles using your teeth.
• Eat healthily and supplement your diet with foods that make your teeth stronger
• Complete all medication prescribed to you during dental visits
• Wear the appropriate gear when practicing sports or when working in an environment where you are prone to injuries.

Any form of dental emergency should be dealt with by a dental health professional or under the supervision of one. Our emergency dentist in Mesa AZ or any other dentist usually has an emergency number for after business hours. If this is not the case, you are advised to visit the emergency room of any hospital.

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The Importance of Emergency Dentistry in Mesa AZ

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