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Emergency Dentistry

We at Mesa Dental know how a toothache can ruin your day and even week. Toothaches are extremely painful and we are here to offer same day treatment to help you alleviate your pain. We have the best emergency dentist in Mesa and surrounding areas. Please call and see us today! Please see the tips below if you are unable to come in today.


  1. Please call immediately (480) 396.9900. Pain is your body telling you there is something wrong. These infections are serious and need to be treated as soon as possible. We will see you today.
  2. Most home remedies or items you can buy at the pharmacy do not help much with a toothache. So please call now and get in. Sometimes cold compresses or cold water can help alleviate some severe toothaches.
  3. Take an anti inflammatory. Aleve or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) tend to work best for these situations.
  4. Please take note on what makes the toothache worse. This will greatly help with us diagnosing what needs to be done to help. Also, let us know if the tooth wakes you up at night.


If you or you child has a tooth knocked out, we are sometimes able to place it back in without further treatment. But sometimes more treatment may be indicated. Please follow these steps if you or a loved one experienced a knocked out tooth:

  1. Call us immediately at (480) 396.9900
  2. Pick up tooth and try to not touch the root of the tooth. If visibly dirty, rinse off with a little warm water.
  3. If possible place the tooth back in the socket, if this is not possible then place the tooth between your cheek and teeth inside your mouth. Or place the tooth in a small cup of saliva or a cup of milk. The last resort would to place the tooth in water. It is important to not allow the tooth to dry out.
  4. Get to the dentist as quickly as possible.


Our teeth sometimes break or chip. This might be due to a cavity, fillings or food. It is impossible for us to tell you what treatment is needed without an exam so please call as soon as possible and come in. We are a Mesa dentist that will see you today and get same day treatment completed. Sometimes we can fix the teeth with a simple filling and sometimes crowns. Whatever the need is we will treat you like family and only recommend treatment that you truly need.


For the most part crowns and fillings stay in for a long time and if you come regularly to the dentist we can fix them before they do come out or cause more expensive problems. Typically when a filling comes out the tooth has fractured also and a new filling or crown will be needed. Most of the time when a crown comes out we can get it re-cemented as long as there is no decay evident. Please follow these instructions if this happens to you.

  1. Call us immediately (480) 396.9900. We will get you in the same day.
  2. Get in as soon as you can. Your gums grow very quickly and if we can get the crown back on as soon as possible the procedure is very quick and typically you will not have to get numb. Sometimes your gums will grow over the tooth and you will need to get numb before the crown is re-cemented.
  3. If the tooth is sensitive but you are unable to come in right away you can place the crown back on the tooth with toothpaste or temporary cement purchased from the pharmacy.
  4. Be sure to bring the filling or crown in with you to your appointment.

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