Everything You Need to Know About Abscessed Teeth

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Everything You Need to Know About Abscessed Teeth

One potentially serious dental emergency is an abscessed tooth. Mesa Dental invites the residents of Mesa, Arizona and nearby suburbs to read this brief piece providing an overview of this problem that often warrants immediate attention.

Abscessed Tooth Overview

An abscess is a pocket of bacteria-laden pus that accumulates along the gum line or inside a tooth.


In many instances, bacterial overgrowth that precipitates pus collection is the result of poor dental hygiene. Sometimes, infection might be precipitated by tooth damage.

Physical Manifestations

Typically, the most discernible symptom is moderate to potentially severe pain in the region of the mouth where the infection is present. Moreover, the pain often begins abruptly, progressively intensifies and might spread to the jaw or neck. A dental abscess might also elicit occurrences like chewing or eating difficulties, a foul taste in the mouth, bad breath and an elevated body temperature.

Possible Complications

If left untreated, an abscess has the potential to spread into the gums, adjacent oral bones, the jaw, neck and possibly other bodily regions like the heart valves and brain. In rare instances, an abscess could precipitate sepsis, a serious, potentially life-threatening infection of the blood.

Potential Treatment Options

Individuals experiencing the symptoms of an abscess are urged to seek prompt dental attention. Should a oral care professional diagnose said condition, their first action will be to cut into the malformation, which enables it to drain. After the drainage process is complete, the area in question will be thoroughly cleansed by a anti-bacterial solution. Additionally, the presiding dentist might prescribe antibiotics to eradicate any lose bacteria that might have escaped during the drainage process.

Contacting Us

Those who experience symptoms of a dental abscess are encouraged to visit out office as soon as possible. With prompt treatment, the infection can be cleared quickly and any potential complications can be avoided. More information about our practices and the services we provide can be found by visiting our website.

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Everything You Need to Know About Abscessed Teeth

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