Make 2018 the Year You Get Dental Implants

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Make 2018 the Year You Get Dental Implants

The holiday season is already on top of us, and right behind it is 2018! If you’re missing a tooth, your number one New Year’s resolution should be to restore it with a dental implant! Dental implants are the leading solution for missing teeth, surpassing the likes of bridges and dentures. Check out how dental implants are right for you!

The Benefits of Having a Dental Implant

When you’re missing a tooth, there’s nothing supporting the jawbone underneath it, causing bone deterioration. Surrounding teeth then attempt to cover the gap by shifting in place, delivering a shocking toothache. This is awfully painful, pain you may already have experienced! Luckily, dental implants can mitigate the damage caused by a missing tooth. Thanks to its design, dental implants successfully imitate a natural tooth, and through bonding provide support to the jawbone underneath. This is just the start of what a dental implant can do for you.

It’s Never Been Easier to Take Care of Your Teeth

Dental implants and your natural teeth are not composed the same way. Whereas a natural tooth consists of a pulp covered in dentin and protected by your enamel, a dental implant is simply a crown attached to an implant post by using an abutment. Therefore, dental implants are officially unable to get cavities! While this is great news, you still need to give your dental implants a good cleaning by brushing every day, morning and evenings, to prevent the development of gum disease and the like. Besides, your natural teeth still need proper care, else you may be looking at having to get more dental implants.

Dental Implants are Better than Dentures

Do you have a denture? Chances are you’ve had an experience where it’s fallen out at the most inopportune time, whether at a luncheon or just a family get together. It’s embarrassing when it happens! Worse of all, dentures don’t provide any support for your jawbone. Dental implants can help! Dental implants are a fixed solution that won’t ever fall out on you.

Unlike dentures, dental implants are esthetic. At first glance in a mirror, you won’t be able to tell which of your teeth you’ve restored with a dental implant, that’s how well they’re made to match the rest of your natural teeth! They look awesome, and are always camera ready. Above all, you will no longer feel embarrassed about having a missing tooth, and will be able to enjoy the simple things in life like celebrating the New Year.

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Make 2018 the Year You Get Dental Implants

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