Need Laser Gum Therapy in Mesa AZ?

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Need Laser Gum Therapy in Mesa AZ?

Laser gum therapy is a revolutionary new treatment and prevention of gum disease. It’s safe and effective, relieving pain, swelling, and bleeding after treatment.

Our dental laser can vaporize the infected lining of the gum tissue and improve access to the root surface, eliminating bacteria, calcified calculus (tartar), and soft biofilm. Furthermore, it stimulates coagulation of tissue which reduces bleeding and aids in gum reattachment.

Gum Sterilization

Gum disease is a serious oral health issue that can lead to numerous issues in both your mouth and elsewhere in your body. Fortunately, there are treatments available for treating its symptoms and progression, including Laser Gum Therapy.

Laser gum treatment differs from traditional surgical techniques, which involve your dentist cutting tissue with a scalpel and stitching it back up. With laser gum treatment, however, your dentist uses an ultra-powerful and precise dental laser to quickly cauterize tissues without cutting them. This kills bacteria, sterilizes the area, and promotes faster healing times.

Additionally, this procedure does not require stitches, which helps reduce recovery time and post-operative discomfort. In certain cases, you might even be able to receive a local anesthetic for this procedure!

Our dentists use two types of laser energy to vaporize infected linings around your periodontal pockets. This eliminates soft biofilm and calcified bacterial deposits that contribute to gum infections, stimulates fibrin and coagulation within the tissue, and allows better access for reattachment at the root surface.

Gum Reattachment

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is an efficient periodontal surgery that eliminates gum disease and promotes bone regeneration, while also minimizing tissue loss caused by traditional gum surgery.

Treatment involves the application of a gentle pulse of laser light into your gum pockets and tartar deposits beneath the gumline, safely eliminating diseased tissue without harming healthy tissue nearby.

The laser also creates a blood clot, sealing the area against further infection. This allows gum tissue to reattach onto the tooth root surface.

When diseased tissue is extracted and a clot forms, healing time for conventional surgical methods is much faster. Plus, you won’t need stitches and recovery is quick – meaning you can return to work or family responsibilities much sooner than with other periodontal treatments.

Deep Cleaning

Laser Gum Therapy is a less invasive way to treat gum disease. It allows your periodontist to more precisely clean the gums and roots of teeth without cutting them with a scalpel, plus it speeds up in-office whitening treatments.

Your dentist or hygienist will use a laser to eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth during routine cleanings. Left unchecked, these buildups can lead to tooth decay and other oral health problems; thus, it’s essential that they’re removed annually.

The laser uses light wavelengths that cause faster coagulation and disinfection, helping reduce the risk of infection. Furthermore, it enables your periodontist to clean out deep pockets created when gum disease has progressed to its advanced stage.

A laser is then inserted into the pocket to sterilize tissue and stimulate a blood clot, which speeds healing and encourages gum tissue to reattach itself to teeth. Plus, this procedure is less invasive than traditional surgery – typically you can resume normal activities the day after treatment!

Teeth Whitening

Laser gum bleaching (also referred to as dark gum treatment, gum lightening, or depigmentation) is a procedure that utilizes a dental soft-tissue laser to eliminate dark pigmentations that can develop naturally within your gum tissue. This improves the aesthetic of your gumline and minimizes unsightly patches caused by smoking, medications, or excessive melanin production.

Laser dentistry offers a fast and painless solution for darkly pigmented gumlines. Local anesthesia numbs the tissues before laser energy is delivered to precisely calibrated points on these darkly colored areas of the gumline.

Laser technology makes traditional gum surgery less invasive, since it doesn’t involve cutting through tissue with tools like scalpels which could leave wounds that are painful or bleed or swell. Furthermore, laser gum surgery promotes a faster recovery time and encourages healthy tissue growth.

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Need Laser Gum Therapy in Mesa AZ?

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