5 Things to Know About Root Canal Therapy in Mesa AZ

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5 Things to Know About Root Canal Therapy in Mesa AZ

Root canal therapy is a procedure that can help decrease pain related to inflammation or infection based in the roots of teeth. Root canal treatments are also able to help save teeth that may otherwise have to be extracted.

The root canals of the teeth contain pulp made up of blood vessels and nerve tissue. A root canal procedure is the process of removing the pulp. Afterward, they clean and disinfect the root canal and replace the empty canal with filling in order to seal the empty space. Prior to the root canal procedure, the dentist must diagnose the condition of the dental pulp and tissues surrounding it. If the dentist finds that the pulp is inflamed and not able to be treated, they may offer to perform a root canal or extract the tooth. Removal of the inflamed and infected pulp allows for the preservation of the tooth and helps to extend the life of the tooth.

There are several tests that a dental professional may conduct in order to diagnose infected or inflamed dental pulp. These diagnostic tests include:
Palpation – assessing the tenderness of the tissues by examining the tip of the root canal
Percussion – tapping the tooth to examine the level of tenderness
Mobility – examining the level of movement in the tooth socket
Transilliumination – shining a bright light through the tooth for examination of possible fractures
Tooth Slooth – patient bites down on an instrument to assess the level of pain that biting causes on the tooth

If it is found that the tooth is decaying or cracking, or that there is a possibility of future infection, a root canal treatment will be advised to the patient. Most of the time, there is inflammation or infection that is present at the time of the diagnosis. If you would like more information regarding Root Canal therapy in Mesa AZ, call us today!

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5 Things to Know About Root Canal Therapy in Mesa AZ

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