What to Expect with Professional Whitening Treatment in Mesa, Arizona

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What to Expect with Professional Whitening Treatment in Mesa, Arizona

When your teeth are stained and yellowed, you might not feel comfortable smiling or showing off your teeth. Unfortunately, a lot of at-home whitening options either don’t work or the results don’t last. This is why more people are choosing whitening in their local dental office to obtain professional results. The experts can provide you with several methods for whitening your teeth at home so that it is both affordable and highly effective. This ensures that you feel confident in your smile and don’t have to deal with messy strips or at-home remedies that just don’t work.

There are several professional options available when you want to do whitening. Your first option is to have custom trays made for you using impressions. These impressions will be sent off to a lab where you will have custom whitening trays made specifically for you. You will then be given a gel that can be put into the trays for optimal whitening results. Your next option is to sit in the office for about an hour while you have whitening gel and a curing light placed on the area to activate the gel and whiten the teeth.

After having the whitening done, there are a few things to expect when it comes to your results. Most people are able to whiten their teeth by anywhere from three to six shades, so you’ll notice a massive improvement in how your teeth look. If you are not happy with the results, you can also work with the dentist to improve upon the results even more using different methods. You might also find that your teeth are a lot more sensitive than they otherwise would be because of the whitening gel that has been used. You will want to discuss this issue with the dentist if it lasts for longer than a few days after treatment has finished.

You also should not expect the whitening results to be permanent. So long as you go back to eating and drinking normally, your teeth will stain again and will need more whitening in about a year or two. Your dentist will be able to recommend the specific options available to you and can get you feeling confident about your decision to have the whitening done to achieve a bright and beautiful smile. Professional teeth whitening in Mesa AZ is important when you want to improve your confidence and feel better about your smile.

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What to Expect with Professional Whitening Treatment in Mesa, Arizona

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