6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Temporary Crown in Mesa AZ

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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Temporary Crown in Mesa AZ

Crowns are necessary to cover damaged teeth as well as implants and other dental imperfections. If you plan on having one (or several) of these placed in your mouth, then you should prepare to first have a temporary crown. While these may look like natural teeth, temporary crowns are designed to only last a couple of weeks in order to prevent additional damage to the tooth and gums underneath. When placed by our Mesa, AZ dentist, this should fit comfortably and allow you to eat and drink as normal. However, it’s important to keep the information below in mind in order to care for your temporary crown as well as possible.

1. Brush Regularly

Brushing your temporary crown is just as important as brushing your other teeth. This will help prevent plaque buildup and decay so your crown stays healthy until the permanent crown is placed.

2. Avoid Sticky Foods

Sticky foods can pull your temporary crown away from the tooth, especially in the day after it’s placed. For this reason, it’s recommended to avoid anything sticky until your permanent crown is cemented in.

3. Avoid Eating Immediately

It’s recommended to avoid eating for the first hour after the temporary crown is placed. This will help ensure the cement settles properly so the crown is less likely to come out before it’s supposed to.

4. Floss Gently

You should still floss your teeth after your procedure, just as you would normally. However, it’s important to floss with care around the temporary crown in order to avoid moving it out of place. In situations where two crowns are placed next to one another, avoid flossing in between these completely.

5. Avoid Hard Foods

Foods that are hard on the teeth, such as candy brittle or almonds, should be avoided in order to prevent damage to the temporary crown. The good news is that once your permanent crown is placed, you can continue eating these foods.

6. Replace If Displaced

If your crown moves out of place, it’s important to put it back into place as much as you can manage to. From here, call our office so we can re-cement it until your permanent crown is ready to be placed.

When it comes to getting a temporary crown in Mesa AZ, the journey is a bit longer than it is with other procedures. However, with the tips above, you’ll be able to get through the temporary crown stage with ease. As always, you can call our office for help at any time to ensure optimal oral health.

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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Temporary Crown in Mesa AZ

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