5 Things That Happen When You Don’t Get Your Infected Tooth Extracted?

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5 Things That Happen When You Don’t Get Your Infected Tooth Extracted?

In the prehistoric era, not much was known about dental problems. However, most dentists would assume that many of their diseases were partly caused by simple tooth infections. A lot of uncomfortable symptoms develop when you leave an infected tooth in your mouth. These are reasons why it’s important to have that infected tooth extracted right away.

1. Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are also known as wisdom teeth that fail to develop on time. When they finally erupt, the tooth, or teeth, become crowded among the other teeth because there’s not enough space in the dental arch. This may cause pain, inflammation or discomfort that is not resolved until the tooth is removed. However, once the tooth has started to grow in, removing it is more difficult.

2. Pericoronitis

Impacted teeth can inflame the surrounding gums, causing pericoronitis. Bacteria is known to accumulate around this area and cause acute or chronic symptoms, such as redness, swelling and pain when eating.

3. Spread of Infection Throughout the Body

A bacterial infection that starts in one infected tooth can spread throughout the body. The surrounding teeth, gums, cheeks and other parts of the face or jaws can become infected. Once this happens, there’s an increased risk of the bacteria entering the bloodstream and reaching vital organs like the heart.

4. Other Diseases

A tooth infection can cause sepsis, an infection that affects the entire body. In addition to tooth pain and swelling, additional symptoms are fever, fast heart rate and low blood pressure. Septic shock can occur, which increases the risks of multiple organ failure and death.

An infection that spreads may cause Ludwig’s angina. It’s a form of cellulitis that infects the skin of the mouth and causes swelling in the jaw and neck regions. There is also difficulty swallowing and eating, tooth pain and difficulty breathing which is another sign you might need your tooth extracted.

5. Halitosis

Halitosis is a commonly overlooked effect of a tooth infection. A tooth is infected and broken down by a buildup of bacteria. Whenever too much bacteria is present in the mouth, the cause is a foul-smelling odor that is emitted from the mouth. Removing an infected tooth helps to get rid of this odor-causing bacteria.

A tooth that is left infected for too long and cannot be repaired will have to be removed. Improving oral care and reducing the infection is possible, but the best solution is prevention. Having your tooth extracted is recommended before any more problems occur. Contact Mesa Dental to for more information on tooth extractions in Mesa AZ.

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5 Things That Happen When You Don’t Get Your Infected Tooth Extracted?

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