Root Canal or Tooth Extraction? Which Option Is The Best For You?

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Root Canal or Tooth Extraction? Which Option Is The Best For You?

It could be difficult to decide what to do when you have a tooth that has reached a crucial stage in decay. Your provider will present you with at least two options, which are root canal therapy and complete extraction. The following are the pros and cons of both methods.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a surgical process during which the specialist attempts to preserve the tooth by replacing the diseased pulp with an artificial material. Many people undergo the therapy because they want to keep their teeth and preserve the integrity of their smiles. A root canal can last for a very long time if you take care of your teeth and visits the provider regularly. Keeping the tooth is beneficial to the structure of the mouth as it avoids causing a gap that could potentially cause a shift.

The cost is sometimes overwhelming because it’s much more than the cost of an average extraction. Dental insurance, dental discount plans and third-party providers can help reduce the cost significantly, however.

Complete Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, a provider will recommend a complete extraction or removal of the problem tooth to resolve the issues. An extraction is a much cheaper and less extensive process than a root canal procedure is. It does not require several visits, whereas you may have to have two or three visits for everything that’s involved with a root canal. The possible downside to the extraction is that you will have a gap in your teeth that could shift your alignment if you don’t do something to fill it. It could also affect your chewing strength and diminish the overall tooth foundation.

Deciding What’s Best

Deciding what’s best for you is something that you should do with the assistance of a provider. The choice that you make will depend on the location of the tooth, your personal desires, your budget and what the specialist feels is the best course of action for the issue. It may be right for you to get a root canal, or it could be better for you to have the entire extraction done. Either process will go well as long as you have a reliable provider on your side.

Consult With Our Provider

Contact our dentist in Mesa at 480-396-9900 and schedule a full consultation about your teeth. The provider will take you through an extensive process where you will talk about your dental history. You may also have X-rays taken and have a physical examination that will help the provider choose the best solution for you. The sooner you contact the facility, the faster you can resolve that issue you’re having with your teeth. Call today and talk to someone ASAP.

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Root Canal or Tooth Extraction? Which Option Is The Best For You?

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