The Tooth Extraction Recovery Process

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The Tooth Extraction Recovery Process

Though often performed as a last resort, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary to preserve an individual’s oral and potentially their general health. Mesa Dental, which serves the residents of Mesa, Arizona and surrounding regions, invites our current and prospective patients to read the following short piece detailing steps that can be taken to expedite the healing process following such an undertaking.

Healing Time

Each extraction recipient will heal at their own pace. Specific recovery time will depend upon the extraction-precipitating condition’s severity and the complexities associated with the removal process. That said, the patient should expect to experience some degree of swelling and pain for at least three to four days following the procedure. In some cases, inflammation might last up to two weeks.

Recovery Tips

Rinse And Brush With Caution

Because the excision site will be sore, dental professionals recommend refraining from rinsing the area for at least 24 hours following the procedure. By the second day, patients are advised to rinse gently using a salt solution. On the third day, oral care experts opine that resuming normal teeth brushing is okay provided said activity is performed gently.

Consume Soft Foods Or Liquids

After the first day or whenever patients feel up to eating, they are encouraged to consume only soft foods or liquids. That said, when chewing is necessary, such action should be done on the side of the mouth opposite to where the extraction occurred.

Apply Compresses

Initial pain and swelling might first be reduced through the application of cold compresses adjacent to the extraction site on and off about every half-hour. Significant swelling around the excision location or inflammation that extends to the cheek or surrounding tissues after the first full day following removal might be alleviated through the application of hot compresses on and off roughly every half-hour.

Avoid Smoking

Oral care professionals caution those who smoke not to resume the habit for, at bare minimum, three days after the extraction. The chemicals contained in cigarette smoke and nicotine could precipitate further irritation that could delay the healing process.

Contacting Us

Individuals with questions about the tooth extraction process or any other dental procedure are encouraged to contact us. Further information about our practice and the services we provide can be found on our website and if you are in Mesa, AZ and need a tooth extracted call us for an appointment.

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The Tooth Extraction Recovery Process

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