How Safe Are Tooth-Whitening Procedures

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How Safe Are Tooth-Whitening Procedures

All teeth have their all natural color that varies from person to person. The hue ranges from dark yellow to dark grey with every shade in between. Many patients seek information about dental whitening procedures to improve the visual value of their teeth.

Who Qualifies for Tooth Bleaching

Patients with impeccable oral hygiene at home and minimal health problems are typically good candidates for tooth whitening. However, only natural teeth respond to the treatment. The teeth treated with veneers, crowns, bridges and composite restorations do not absorb the whitening solution and will not change their shade.

At-Home Bleaching vs. Professional Whitening

Chairside bleaching is routinely recommended for patients who desire to have their teeth treated in a safe and monitored environment. Dental professionals use solutions that bring quicker results while alleviating the possibility of overuse and potential harm. Over-the-counter solutions often contain excessive amounts of peroxide. Their continuous use may lead to chronic diseases as the solution is typically inhaled by the patient via oral entrance. In a dental setting, the excess fluids are extracted via dental aspirators allowing the patient to breathe and swallow freely without irritation to the gums and surrounding soft tissues.

What to Expect After Tooth Whitening

The procedure is not permanent and may have to be periodically repeated. The frequency of touch-ups will depend on the patient’s personal habits and their oral cleaning regimen at home. Additionally, consuming nutrient-rich foods will increase the natural tooth re-mineralization and maintain the desired shade of the enamel. It is recommended to balance the consumption of wines, teas and coffees as well as adjusting tooth-staining habits such as smoking.

The tooth whitening procedures are a vital part of increasing ones self-esteem. A beautiful smile adds to the overall confidence and increases the ability to interact socially. All patients should seek the advice of their dental provider before considering any cosmetic changes.

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How Safe Are Tooth-Whitening Procedures

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