Could Dental Veneers in Mesa AZ Be a Good Investment for You?

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Could Dental Veneers in Mesa AZ Be a Good Investment for You?

A healthy mouth is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Few people spend enough time thinking about their oral health. A person should brush their teeth and floss multiple times each day.

Regular dental cleanings are also essential for robust oral health. A dental cleaning can remove plaque that brushing alone cannot remove. For some patients, all of these steps are not enough to have a perfect smile. Many dental patients have substantial dental issues that must be corrected.


Veneers are an option for people who struggle with their oral health. Veneers are made of porcelain and cover a person’s teeth. It is common for people to get veneers on their top four teeth. Some people even decide to get veneers on the top eight teeth.

Veneers are an excellent solution for people who have small or discolored teeth. For some people, whitening treatments may not be enough to help with stains.

Veneer Process

The process to place veneers on a patient’s teeth is complex. The teeth must be cleaned and whitened before the process can start. A cosmetic dentist then shaves the front of a tooth. A temporary dental veneer is placed on the tooth. It is sealed with a special bonding cream. The patient wears the temporary veneers for several weeks. During this time, the patient should observe how the teeth look. In most cases, patients make tweaks to how the veneers appear after seeing the temporary version. Most cosmetic dentists can easily make the adjustments.

After adjustments are made, the dentist in Mesa AZ sends an outline of the veneer to a manufacturing facility. It may take several weeks for the new porcelain veneers to be created. Once the veneers are finished, the patient returns and has the final veneers applied.


Veneers become a permanent part of a person’s teeth after placement. However, most veneers need some maintenance over time. The expected life of a porcelain veneer is over 20 years. Some people chip their teeth and must have the veneers replaced. Paying for a warranty on the veneers is usually the best solution. For patients who need financial help, many cosmetic dentists offer a financing option.


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Could Dental Veneers in Mesa AZ Be a Good Investment for You?

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