What Are the Benefits of Denture Relining?

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What Are the Benefits of Denture Relining?

Over the course of time, dentures can become loose due to wear. In addition, tissue in the mouth can shrink and the supporting bone structure can change in shape resulting in loose dentures. When either of these occur, a person’s dentures will become loose. Though many people try to use adhesives and other at-home remedies for loose dentures, the proper way to address loose dentures is to have them relined. There are many different ways that relining can benefit denture wearers.

Better Fit

The primary reason for a denture relining is to maintain proper fit. A denture that slides and moves will make it difficult to talk and chew. In addition, the movement will create sore spots in the mouth that will cause pain. While many people suffer with improperly fitting dentures, there is no reason to suffer. A properly fitted denture should not hurt. Keeping a denture fitting properly will help the wearer to get the best experience possible.

Avoiding Breakages

Dentures that do not fit properly will move in the mouth. Dentures are designed to spread pressure over the entire surface of the denture plate. However, a denture that is moving will put stress on specific points of the denture which can cause the denture to break. Even if the denture does not break, the constant flexing will increase the likelihood that the denture will develop problems. Any damage to the dentures such as cracks or chips should be immediately repaired.

Cleaner Mouth

Loose fitting dentures create gaps between the denture material and mouth tissue. These gaps can trap small pieces of food. The trapped food can begin to decay in the mouth creating bad breath and possibly leading to infections. A proper fitting denture will prevent food from becoming trapped behind the dentures and causing further problems.

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What Are the Benefits of Denture Relining?

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