Why Professional Cleanings are Crucial to Your Oral Health

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Why Professional Cleanings are Crucial to Your Oral Health

Regardless of the types of dental products you’re using at home, you should still be getting professional cleanings twice a year. Even with the very best power toothbrush, flossing and mouthwash, there is still a chance that you’ll have tartar buildup on different surfaces of your smile. Tartar is simply hardened plaque that can develop even with the most careful brushing and flossing. It is nearly impossible to remove this tartar buildup at home without causing damage to your teeth.

What is a Professional Cleaning?
A professional cleaning is performed by a licensed and registered dental hygienist. The hygienist uses special tools, known as scalers, to remove heavy tartar buildup from patients’ teeth. Once the tartar as well as surface stains have been removed, the hygienist will use a special machine that polishes each tooth individually. This helps to smooth the teeth, remove stains and provide you with a clean, shiny smile. The teeth will then be flossed and a gum health check is performed.

What is a Gum Health Check?
During your professional teeth cleaning, the hygienist uses a small and painless probe that will measure the pocketing around each tooth. If the gingival pocketing is deeper than about 3mm, this could be a sign that you have either gingivitis or gum disease. Without coming in for professional cleanings, you might not know about the condition and wouldn’t be seeking treatment for it. If you do have gum disease, a deeper cleaning that is known as a scaling and root planing, is necessary.

It’s recommended that you come into the office every six months to keep up with routine cleanings. If you’re a parent, it’s never too soon to get your children in for their first dental appointment. It’s also never too late to have a cleaning done in-office. Even if it’s been years since your last cleaning, it is time that you took a more proactive approach to your dental care and worked with the professionals to reveal a healthy, bright and clean smile. Dental cleanings are quick, painless and essential for good oral health.

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Why Professional Cleanings are Crucial to Your Oral Health

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