4 Ways to Prepare Your Children For Their First Dental Cleaning

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Children For Their First Dental Cleaning

For some kids (and even adults), the dentist may seem like a frightening concept. Fortunately, there are ways that you can ease your child’s worries before their first dentist visit. By following the below tips, his or her first dentist visit may go much smoother than you could have imagined.

#1: Teach your child good dental habits. It is very important that you instill good dental habits in your child at a very young age. As soon as your child develops teeth, begin a brushing routine. As your child grows, you can introduce flossing. Teach them that it is important to brush after each meal (or at least twice a day) and to avoid sugary drinks and candy.

#2: Bring your child with you to your own dentist appointment. Schedule a cleaning for yourself before you schedule your child’s appointment. When the time comes, bring your child with you to see the ins and outs of what typically happens during a cleaning. By seeing the room and meeting the dentist and hygienists, he or she may not feel as scared of the “unknown” and possibly look forward to their own big kid visit.

#3: Talk to your child about what will happen during the first visit. If you are not able to bring your child to your appointment, walk them through exactly what will happen. If you are not sure of this, call ahead and find out the process. By taking the unknown out of the equation, he or she may not be as nervous ahead of time.

#4: Gift your child a book about the dentist. Or even a book about their mouth and teeth. A light-hearted read may ease their worries and prepare them for what is to come. It is also a nice way to simply add to their library. Educational and fun!

The dentist office does not have to be a scary place. By educating your children on dental care and procedure, you can mitigate any fears that your child may have. He or she may even end up loving our dentist in mesa – especially once they get their sticker and a new toothbrush!

To schedule your child’s first dental appointment with Mesa Dental, give us a call at 480-396-9900.

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Children For Their First Dental Cleaning

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