4 Important Ways Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

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4 Important Ways Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

Dental bonding is a procedure designs to improve the appearance of the teeth and sometimes to correct or prevent damage. If your dental professional recommends bonding, there’s a good chance you have one of these four conditions. Since bonding is a relatively inexpensive solution and can often be completed in a single visit, it’s worth considering.

Repairing a Damaged Tooth 

Chipped or cracked teeth should be repaired before the damage gets any worse. Depending on the severity of the problem, your dentist may recommend bonding as a way to replace the chipped portion or to cover the crack. In both cases, the composite bonding helps to restore some of the tooth’s strength and increase the chances of keeping the tooth for a long time. The tooth will also look whole once more.

Filling in Gaps 

Tiny gaps in between the teeth can make people hesitate to smile. Fortunately, bonding can be used to alter the shape of the teeth without making any of them seem to be out of proportion. Your dentist will know how to apply the composite so that the gap is filled and you can smile without being self-conscious. It’s even possible to tint the composite so it’s a perfect match for the surrounding teeth.

Improving the Appearance of a Discolored Tooth 

Bleaching and other methods do wonders to remove years of stains from the teeth. When there’s a tooth that still looks a little discolored, bonding can be used to cover the stain. The dental professional will tint the material so the tooth blends in nicely with the remainder of your teeth. One the work is completed, all anyone will see is that you have a beautiful smile.

Correcting Long or Short Teeth 

Since composite bonding can be used for reshaping just about any tooth, it’s possible to correct problems with length as well as width. That means if you have a tooth that’s naturally shorter than the surrounding ones, it’s possible to use the composite to built it up to match the other teeth. A tooth that’s noticeably longer than the surrounding teeth can be filed down. In this instance, the composite helps to protect the filed tooth and minimize the potential for tooth decay to develop. You’ll be surprised at what a difference evening out the height as well as the width of the teeth will do for your smile.

Whatever cosmetic issue you have, our Mesa, AZ Cosmetic dentist has a solution. In many cases, bonding will be all you need. Call today and schedule a visit. There’s a good chance the issue can be corrected before you leave the office.

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4 Important Ways Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

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