Do You Need a Dental Crown? or 2nd Opinion on a Dental Crown?

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Do You Need a Dental Crown? or 2nd Opinion on a Dental Crown?

If you have teeth, then it’s important to have a Mesa, Arizona dentist that you can rely on. This is especially true if you have teeth that are damaged and that may possibly require a crown. However, identifying whether or not you need a crown can be difficult. While there’s no substitute for the advice from a dentist, the signs below are red flags that you need a crown as soon as possible.

1. Damage That Makes Chewing Difficult

On the bottom of each tooth are small points called “cusps” that help you tear food apart and chew. If these are broken off due to a damaged tooth, then a crown is an ideal solution. This will be placed over the tooth and have the important points that will allow you to chew successfully.

2. Broken Tooth

If your tooth is broken in half and cannot stand on its own, then a crown is normally the best solution. Once this is placed over the broken tooth, it will provide a stronger platform so you can eat comfortably.

3. You’ve Had a Large Filling

A large filling requires much of the tooth to be cleaned out and then filled. While this can help improve the health of the tooth, this can also make it more prone to cracks. A dental crown can help avoid this by covering the tooth to protect it from hard and chewy foods.

4. You’ve Had a Root Canal

When a root canal is completed, the tooth is healthier but much cleaner. In these situations, a crown is necessary to provide adequate coverage. Sometimes, a post may also need to be placed in order to provide extra strength. Without a crown and a post when necessary, it’s possible for the tooth to break down completely and need to be removed.

5. You Don’t Like Your Tooth’s Appearance

If you have a tooth that doesn’t look the best because of deterioration, then a crown may be the best solution. Since this is essentially a permanent cover for the tooth, it will completely cover any cracks, breaks, discoloration, or stains. It’s one of the best ways to avoid removing your tooth just because you don’t like the way it looks.

Ready for a Dental Crown?

If you’d like to have a dental crown in Mesa, AZ, then our office at Mesa Dental can help. We offer complete dental services to keep your mouth healthy, including crowns when they are necessary. We’d be glad to help you with a personalized consultation.

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Do You Need a Dental Crown? or 2nd Opinion on a Dental Crown?

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