3 Dental Procedures That You Might Not Know About in Mesa AZ

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3 Dental Procedures That You Might Not Know About in Mesa AZ

Most people have a basic knowledge of what goes on in a dentist office. Sure, there are dental cleanings and extractions, but there are also several dental procedures in Mesa, AZ, that most patients are unaware of. Take a look at the following three dental procedures to bolster your know-how on dentist office services.

1. Root Canal Therapy

This procedure is meant to save a damaged, infected, or severely decayed tooth from further decay. How so? Root canals are straightforward procedures that require removal of damaged or infected pulp within the tooth. Afterwards, the area is cleaned and disinfected before a sealant is placed in the surgical site to protect the tooth from further damage.

Root canals are often touted as very painful, but the pain is actually coming from the infected or decayed pulp within a damaged tooth. As soon as the pulp is removed, patients experience relief. Plus, dentists, or endodontists, are well-versed in pain management, so patients are sure to be kept comfortable throughout the root canal in Mesa AZ.

2. Dental Laser Treatment

Have you ever cringed in pain when biting into food that’s too hot or too cold? Dental laser treatment aims to fix hypersensitivity by using high beams of concentrated laser lights to seal sensitive roots, or tubules, within teeth. The same treatments are also used to stop the spread of decay, lengthen teeth by shortening gum lengths, and remove uncomfortable tissue folds around dentures.

3. Dental Veneers

You may have noticed that celebrities often display pearly whites that are near perfect, and those are usually thanks to dental veneers. These cosmetic wonders are thin covers that adhere to a tooth to hide gaps, chips, or misshapen teeth. Dental veneers, once securely fastened, resemble and feel like your real teeth, as most of them are made from porcelain for a stronger, longer-lasting bite and aesthetic.

Smiles are the gateway to great first impressions, so make sure yours stays pearly white and intact with regular dental visits in Mesa, AZ. If the aforementioned dental procedures strike your interests, make sure you discuss them for more in-depth info with our dentist at your next visit.

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3 Dental Procedures That You Might Not Know About in Mesa AZ

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