5 Ways to Wow Your Dentist at the Next Dental Teeth Cleaning

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5 Ways to Wow Your Dentist at the Next Dental Teeth Cleaning

Going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned every six months is imperative for a bright smile and a clean bill of health. But instead of relying on your dentist to keep your teeth in good health, you’ll want to practice good dental hygiene once you are home. By keeping up with the below tips, you’ll not only maintain your dental health, but will surely “wow” your dentist at your next visit.

#1: Brush at least twice a day.
While it is best to brush your teeth after every meal, brushing twice a day is a good goal to aim for. You should always brush first thing in the morning and right before going to bed.

#2: Don’t forget to floss.
It is easy to forget to floss, and even easier to try and lie about it at the dentist! Make this a part of your routine at least once a day. If you tend to get a lot of food stuck in your teeth, maybe save flossing for the end of the day. This way, you are sure that you are not going to bed with food left in your mouth.

#3: Use a mouthwash to rinse your mouth.
This is another important step that is often forgotten. Choose a mouthwash that will kill bacteria and germs, and refrain from eating or drinking for at least a half hour after rinsing. You may want to save this for before bed.

#4: Cut back on coffee and wine.
It may seem hard to cut back, but both coffee and wine can stain your teeth. By limiting your intake, your teeth may look much brighter.

#5: Clean your tongue.
When is the last time you cleaned your tongue? You can use a specific brush or even a professional tongue cleaner to get the job done. A lot of bacteria lives on your tongue that could contribute to bad breath, so it is important to give it as much care as you do your teeth.

By following the above tips, you’ll be keeping up with your dental health in-between visits, and your dentist will surely take notice. Your smile will thank you!

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5 Ways to Wow Your Dentist at the Next Dental Teeth Cleaning

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