3 Situations that Could Elicit Emergency Dentistry

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3 Situations that Could Elicit Emergency Dentistry

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While you’ve certainly heard of an emergency room, you may not know that emergency dental practices are also available. Learning how to listen to the needs of your body is important as your body will give you signs that you need to seek emergency assistance. However, knowing some of the common scenarios where individuals go to an emergency dentist is important.

1. No Appointments Available

You’ve probably had the experience of calling the dentist to discover that appointments were unavailable at your requested time, and you may have had to wait a couple of extra days before you could see the professional. At times when you were looking to schedule a regular cleaning or check-up, this extra wait time might not have been a big deal. However, when an emergency issue is underway, you should call our emergency dentist instead of waiting for an appointment.

2. Damage from an Accident

Damage to your teeth can happen due to a variety of accidents. For example, some people’s teeth become injured when they take a bad fall or when they are in a Phoenix car accident. Getting assistance right away is important because you may not recognize the extent of the damage. Also, depending upon the nature of the accident, you may need to seek medical help right away for insurance purposes. In other ways, if you wait a protracted period of time to see your dentist, it may be unclear as to whether or not the damage occurred as the result of an accident.

3. Intense Pain

While you should not ignore any pain in your mouth, you might be okay with some minor discomfort until your dentist can see you tomorrow. However, in the event that you are experiencing intense pain in your mouth or in your teeth, you should consult with an emergency dentist. This pain might be the result of a larger problem that can be revealed only with the assistance of a professional. If you are calling to book an appointment with the emergency dentist, you should articulate how serious the pain is; do not feel as though you are whining or complaining. It’s important for the dental office to know the truth.

Even though you might know about our emergency dentist, you may not understand situations that warrant a visit. Using the emergency dentist properly is important because doing so could make a major difference in how you feel overall.

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3 Situations that Could Elicit Emergency Dentistry

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