The Impact of Tobacco on Dental Health

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The Impact of Tobacco on Dental Health

It is well documented that the use of tobacco affects the health and overall wellbeing of all smokers and those around them. The dental professionals have joined other healthcare providers in efforts to combat the crisis by educating their patients and guiding them to quit their addiction.

Various tobacco products contain different chemicals that may be the cause of many health conditions such as oral and lung cancer. The hazardous and addictive properties of tobacco products release at least 80 carcinogens and toxins into the lungs and the blood stream. The oral cavity is exposed first as that is the entry point of smoke inhalation.

Continuous smoking often leads to rampant caries, gum disease, tooth staining and premature tooth loss. In addition, it is associated with other oral pathologies including cleft palate, implant failure and leukoplakia or chronic irritation of the mucosa.

According to Surgeon General’s report in 2014, maternal smoking is frequently responsible for numerous oral discrepancies in infants and may be the main cause of rampant caries throughout the child’s life.

Nicotine cessation is one of the most popular methods of quitting the habit. It is estimated that every year at least 70 percent of smokers desire to stop their addiction. More than 40 percent attempts to complete the treatment, but only seven percent succeeds on their first try. The habit is difficult to end as it consists of both physical and psychological components and may require prolonged amounts of time to complete the cessation therapy. However, many patients enjoy their new-found freedom from addiction and are open to new methods of treatment and different venues of education.

Depending on the unique needs of the patient, various treatments are applied and are frequently combined with each other. These may include the counseling, prescription medication, mild exercise routines and continuous advice provided by healthcare professionals. Dental providers play a pivotal role in early diagnosis and treatment of all oral conditions.

If you have teeth affected by smoking and tobacco and would like health cleaning your mouth and improving your dental health in the Mesa, AZ area. Call our office for a consultation.

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The Impact of Tobacco on Dental Health

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