How to Prepare for Professional Teeth Whitening

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Are you looking forward to brightening your smile with professional teeth whitening? Great! This is one of the best ways to really make your smile shine and even give yourself a little bit more confidence. Our teeth whitening services are done by our skilled and experienced dentists, who understand just how important your pearly whites are to you.

In order to ensure your whitening service goes smoothly and you reach the results that you desire, we want to share some tips for preparing for your visit. Those listed below should be kept in mind, both before you make your appointment and after.

1. At-Home Dental Care

In the days leading up to your appointment, make sure to brush and floss regularly. While you should be doing this daily, it’s especially important not to miss your morning or evening at-home dental cleaning.

2. Avoid At-Home Treatments

At-home dental treatments can cause sensitivity, especially when done improperly. For this reason, it’s best to avoid them completely before your professional treatment.

3. Schedule on a Free Day

When you schedule your whitening appointment, keep the day open to ensure the service can be fulfilled. Remember, the dentist will need to take time to prepare, so you must factor in extra time spent at your appointment.

4. Ask About Professional Cleaning

Ask your dentist if your teeth should be professionally cleaned before being whitened. For most patients, this can help improve the results of whitening by eliminating stains and other issues that can prevent whitening.

5. Switch to Sensitive Toothpaste

Some patients experience sensitivity after they have their teeth whitened. By switching to a sensitive toothpaste, you can help ensure you experience no discomfort after you have the procedure done.

6. Consider The Condition of Your Teeth

Do you have deep stains? Or perhaps a veneer? If so, whitening may not work for you. This is why it’s crucial to speak with our dentists before you make your appointment to ensure you won’t be disappointed.

7. Schedule a Follow-Up

Good oral hygiene will help keep your teeth white for longer. We recommend making follow-up appointments for regular cleanings as well as additional whitening services in the future. With professional assistance, your teeth can stay looking sparkling white.

If you want beautiful teeth that are shades whiter, we welcome you to give our office a call and schedule an appointment with our dentists.

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