3 Differences Between An Extraction And A Root Canal in Mesa AZ

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3 Differences Between An Extraction And A Root Canal in Mesa AZ

You might be struggling with deciding whether to have your tooth extracted or get root canal therapy in Mesa, Arizona. The good news is that Mesa Dental has well-seasoned dental specialists who can perform either procedure flawlessly. What must do is decide which process is in your best interest. You must consider these three factors in determining how you want to proceed.

1. The Tooth’s Location

The first thing you want to consider when deciding on a tooth extraction versus a root canal in Mesa AZ  is the location of the diseased tooth. Think of the tooth location on a cosmetic and bite strength level. Root canal treatment can save your tooth so that you can use it to chew your food and keep a perfect smile and jaw alignment. However, you may want to consider an extraction if the tooth is positioned toward the back.

2. The Pricing

The pricing is another element that you should consider before you talk to a dentist about treatment. An extraction costs only a fraction of what a root canal costs. However, our office is flexible in that we accept a variety of payment methods. Dental insurance is one of the top methods that clients use to pay for their dental procedures. We also accept credit cards, cash, third-party financing, dental discount plans and the like. Additionally, we offer a variety of deals and specials that change. You may just find a deal for the procedure that you choose, and that deal may make life easier for you.

3. The Aftercare

Finally, you’ll want to consider the aftercare and the expenses involved in that aftercare. You will need to buy a crown if you get a root canal. If you choose an extraction, you may have to buy a partial denture or a dental implant to preserve your cosmetic integrity. Think about those factors and weigh the costs as well as the pros and cons. Either procedure will make the pain go away for you. The root canal procedure will replace the pulp so that it no longer irritates you. The tooth extraction in mesa AZ will remove everything. You can win both ways, so you shouldn’t hesitate to start your treatment plan.

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3 Differences Between An Extraction And A Root Canal in Mesa AZ

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