How Safe are Dental Imaging Systems

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How Safe are Dental Imaging Systems

Digital imaging systems were first introduced in 1980s and have since evolved into a diagnostic necessity for dental therapies. Both patients and dental providers heavily rely on the accuracy of these images as the treatment plans are created based on detailed findings produced by the computer. Combined with the dentist’s experience and their clinical knowledge, digital imaging is credited with accurate diagnosis of oral diseases, lesions, caries and other dental conditions.

The Radiation Exposure

Even though the process of dental imaging is computerized, a standard X-ray machine may be used to obtain the pictures. However, the radiation exposure is minimized by 90 percent in comparison to the traditional X-rays. Standard safety precautions are still implemented and include the patient being protected with the lead apron and thyroid collar.

How Does Dental Imaging Work

Once the radiographic images are converted by the computer, they can be viewed on the screen from different angles. Image enhancement is often used as the pictures can be enlarged up to four times of their original size. They can also be seen in black and white or in color depending on the dental provider’s preference. The software also includes measurement applications for proper diagnosis of endodontic conditions or the need for implants. A split-screen technology allows the dentist and the patient to view multiple images at the same time.

Patient Safety

Because the digital images are displayed on the computer screen as soon as the image is taken, the need for retakes is significantly reduced. In addition, this method of X-ray taking is less time consuming as the radiographs do not have to be manually processed. As a result, the cross-contamination is alleviated, and the patient can be examined and educated about possible treatment options. Elimination of traditional radiographic film also reduces hazardous waste and contributes to patient safety.

Dental imaging system is an essential tool for proper diagnosis and treatment planning. Some of the best digital imaging brands on the market are Morita, J. Morita, Prexion, IC-5 by Luman Dental. A regularly scheduled exam with the dentist and prophylactic cleaning with dental hygienist will assure early detection of any existing dental discrepancies and available methods of treatment.

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How Safe are Dental Imaging Systems

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