Sports-related Dental Emergencies

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Sports-related Dental Emergencies

If an individual gets a dental injury while participating an a sporting activity, it could require emergency medical attention. When injuries to the mouth are left untreated, it could cause severe health complications. According to the Statistics from Dental Injuries from Sports, an estimated 13% to 39% of dental injuries occur during sporting activities. There are many individuals believe most sports-related dental injuries occur during a contact sport such as football. However, those who participate in individual sports, such as skateboarding and BMX, are also at risk for dental injuries.

The Most Common Sports-related Dental Injuries


An avulsion is when the entire tooth is knocked out, and it is extremely important not to brush the tooth or handle it by the root. Furthermore, do not sterilize the tooth, but if debris is on the tooth, you can lightly rinse it with water. If the athlete is alert, then the tooth may be able to be reinserted. However, this is not recommended for younger children. If the tooth is not able to be reinserted into the gum, then place the tooth in a saline solution, such as Save-a-Tooth, or you may use milk or water. The most successful implantation rate of a tooth that has been knocked out is if treatment is sought out within 30 minutes of the injury, which is why it is imperative to seek emergency dental care.


A luxation occurs when the tooth is still in the socket, but it is not in the right position. The three positions are an extruded tooth, a lateral displacement, and an intruded tooth. When an upper tooth hangs down, it is an extruded tooth. If an individual has an extruded tooth, then it is important to stabilize the tooth by having him or her bite on a clean towel. Those with an extruded tooth should seek dental care immediately. A lateral displacement is when the tooth is pushed back or forward. For this type of injury, the tooth may be repositioned and stabilized by having the individual bite on a clean towel. An intruded tooth occurs when the tooth is pushed into the gums, and it is important to leave this injury alone and seek medical attention immediately.


When a tooth is completely broken, the severed portion of the tooth should be saved, and the individual should find an emergency dentist. If an individual with a fractured tooth is experiencing pain, then he or she should keep the fractured tooth from air, other teeth, or the tongue. The pain could be caused from an exposed pulp.

What You can do to Prevent a Sports-related Dental Emergency

To prevent sports-related dental emergencies, mouth guards should be worn at all times. Athletes are 60 times likely to get injured when they do not wear mouth guards. Aside from dental injuries, wearing mouth guards can reduce the chance of concussions by half.

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Sports-related Dental Emergencies

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