When Tooth Extraction Is the Best Choice

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When Tooth Extraction Is the Best Choice

No one wants to lose their teeth, but there are times when it is better to pull a tooth than to try to save it. When a person is dealing with the pain and anxiety of dental problems, it can be difficult to decide whether to have a tooth pulled. Here is a look at some of the reasons that a person may choose to have a tooth taken out.

Impacted Teeth 

Impacted teeth are a painful condition when a tooth comes in under an existing tooth. Impaction is frequently seen in wisdom teeth as they may emerge under existing molars. In addition to being painful, impacted teeth are highly susceptible to infection as they are difficult to keep clean. In most cases, there is no option with impacted teeth other than to extract them.

Broken Teeth 

Whether it is from an injury or decay, a tooth that is broken off is not a good candidate for repair. Most dental procedures involve grinding down the existing tooth to create a shape that is conducive for attaching a crown or other dental repair. When there is only a small amount of tooth left above the gum line, there is little chance for a successful repair.

Financial Considerations

The cost of a root canal, cap and other restorative measures is often too high to be feasible. While it may be possible to ‘fix’ a bad tooth, a repair to a badly decayed tooth will likely not last for a long time. Rather than spending a large sum of money on a tooth, it may be better to have the tooth pulled. There are numerous options for replacing missing teeth, such as a bridge or partial denture, which are relatively inexpensive and can last for a very long time.

Many patients are surprised to find that some missing teeth create no problems at all. In many cases, molars toward the back of the mouth can be removed without causing any problems speaking clearly or chewing food. People can also function normally with a missing tooth toward the front of the mouth. However, few people want to live with a missing tooth in the front as the gap can be seen by others. The good news is that with modern dental practices, there are good solutions for any dental problem. The staff at Mesa Dental is ready to help you address your dental problems in a prompt and professional manner.

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When Tooth Extraction Is the Best Choice

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