What To Do When If You’ve Lost A Dental Tooth Filling

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What To Do When If You’ve Lost A Dental Tooth Filling

If you have fillings, there is a good chance that at least one of them will fall out at some point. It can happen at any time whether you’re eating, brushing your teeth or just talking. While losing a filling is always a shock, it’s not normally a dental emergency.

What Should You Do If Your Tooth Filling Comes Out?

The first step is to stay calm. While it may be uncomfortable to have a hole where the filling once was, it’s a dental problem that can be easily remedied. Remove the loose filling from your mouth, then contact your dentist’s office for an appointment. The dental office will get you scheduled as quickly as possible, and they will give you advice on how to care for your tooth while you wait. It’s okay to brush your teeth, but be gentle around the area where your filling was. It may be hard to do, but try not to chew on the side of your mouth where you no longer have a filling. It’s a good idea to avoid hard, chewy or ice-cold drinks too. You can also take an over the counter pain reliever if you need one.

Common Reasons Why Your Tooth Filling Fell Out

There are a number of causes for fillings to break or come out entirely. The age of the filling can have a lot to do with it, but sometimes it’s simply because you bit down too hard on something. The saliva in your mouth is powerful and over time it will break down your filling’s bond. If you grind your teeth at night, then your fillings can be compromised by the constant pressure.

If you need a filling replaced, then call our friendly dentist’s office in Mesa, AZ. We have years of experience, and we will give you peace of mind knowing we’ve helped hundreds of happy patients with their oral health.

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What To Do When If You’ve Lost A Dental Tooth Filling

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