Why You Should Consider A Root Canal Therapy For A Toothache

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Why You Should Consider A Root Canal Therapy For A Toothache

Whenever a tooth strikes you, the first thing on your mind is to remove it. However, root canal therapy (RCT) can help. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry, this article will tell you all about it.


  • Keeps your tooth intact
  • Effectively relieving pain
  • Clears the tooth infection
  • Defends the tooth from subsequent infections

Bacterial infections cause pain in a tooth. After a tooth decay, the nerves are exposed to bacteria and possible infection. A bacterial attack on the root of the tooth cause sharp pains and inflammation. To remove the pain, you need to remove the infection. This is because bacteria will still attack the exposed nerves.

An RCT is a relatively simple procedure. Most people consider it a pain-intensive procedure, but if a trained professional does it, it is not painful. In fact, you only need local anesthesia for the first session. The dentist will ask you if you need anesthesia in subsequent sessions.

The endodontic professional treats infected root canals. The process of finding all the canals can be quite technical, but that is why there are specialists in the field. Once you unearth the canals, you can use a fluid to numb the nerves so that the tooth does not transmit pain.

It takes about three sessions. The first session involves filling and shaping the tooth to locate the roots and infected pulp. The main part of it is to identify and remove infected flesh. An x-ray scan can help determine the number and exact location of the roots.

The second session involves cleaning up the pulp or soft tissues inside the root canals. The last session includes covering the tooth to protect it from elements. The dentist will cover the opening after every session with a temporary covering.

Once the dentist finishes the root canal therapy, the tooth cannot grow, but surrounding tissues nourish it. The tooth is likely to wear off faster than others in the same area are. That is why you will need to cover the damaged parts well using a metallic crown or something else.

The dentist will spray your mouth several times during the process with water and antimicrobial solutions. You should also go for a check-up several months after a successful RCT to be sure that the infection is gone. If you have a decayed, cracked or compromised tooth, visit a trained dentist in Mesa, AZ for your root canal therapy.

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Why You Should Consider A Root Canal Therapy For A Toothache

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